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Full Monty 3 profiles

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Full-Monty-V4 campaign 3 profiles..

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Additional Product Information

Well the basic idea behind a Full Monty is always to use everything, the clue is in the name. You may however notice the Press Release module is not included, and unlike the original Full Monty there are no forum profiles hitting the MS. Instead we are powering up the MS with all the best quality links from SEnuke XCr, and then powering those links up with profiles and more projects. This is a pretty major Nuke, and not something you want to be doing on every page of your site.

You will see the Toolbox has been used a few times, something we have never done before. The new Toolbox includes a feature to check your links, so the T2 will now only be posting to T1 pages that have not been deleted. This does result in a need to change the way we have used the chaining methods in the past, though you can get around that by doing multiple toolbox projects it all becomes messy then.

  • Social Networks.
  • Social Bookmarks.
  • Wiki Sites.
  • Wordpress Sites.
  • PDF Sites.
  • RSS Feeds.
  • Press Releases.
  • Web 2.0 Profiles.
  • Forum Profiles.
  • Article Directory sites.
  • 3 accounts for each campaign.
  • Every newly created backlínks are Pinged & Indexed.
  • Detailed Submission Reports.
  • Orders complete within 2-7 business days.