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Cabalis campaign

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The original version ever...

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Additional Product Information

We did not add anything new other than the new link checking toolbox, other than that we just tidied it all up a bit. The Cabalis is heavy on RSS so quite different to most templates out there.

You will see on the far right there is the new WordPress project, you will have to add your own WordPress sites for this to work, if you have no wordpress sites included then SEnuke will just skip this entire section. We have no toolbox on the WordPress sites because I would assume you have control over them and thus they will all be ‘approved’ and have links on them, if you don’t own them how are you posting to them!

We are not linking too much in to the WordPress sites, as you own these sites we want to take care of them, and because they should be quality sites the theory is they will rank themselves pretty well.

  • Social Networks.
  • Social Bookmarks.
  • Wiki Sites.
  • Wordpress Sites.
  • PDF Sites.
  • RSS Feeds.
  • Press Releases.
  • Web 2.0 Profiles.
  • Forum Profiles.
  • Article Directory sites.
  • 3 accounts for each campaign.
  • Every newly created backlínks are Pinged & Indexed.
  • Detailed Submission Reports.
  • Orders complete within 2-9 business days.