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On-site optimization 1 link WordPress

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Get optimization plan for your website working with WordPress script.

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On-site optimization has long been a cornerstone in any organic search effort. It’s an expansive topic and to fully cover it within one article would be impossible.

We’re previously discussed keyword selection. As the second of four spheres in the SEO Tactics Chart, we’ll now address some of the more important considerations related to the art and science of on-site optimization.

One important principle when dealing with on-site optimization tactics is to optimize toward the end user. Never forget who you’re trying to attract to your site. An engine’s algorithm isn’t going to convert, a human being will. Never lose sight of this.

Another important principle is to plan holistically. Don’t think of your sitemap, title tag, description tag, H1, breadcrumb, ATL tag, etc., as separate attributes used in the process of optimizing a page. These attributes must work together at the page level to be successful.

Deliberately match up URLs and keywords from the beginning. Take those URLs, and make sure that the keyword(s) you are targeting for that page are leveraging as many on-site attributes as possible.

While keeping these principles in mind, let’s talk about some core on-site attributes and how to best utilize them for your site.